Is Church Membership Like a YMCA Membership?

For this Saturday’s short sermon, Jeff Lethco asks the question: “Is church membership like a YMCA membership?”

I post this message today since we are having connect on Sunday night at 6PM.  For those of you who have been coming to North Side but never really knew what it meant to be a member of North Side, I would love to invite you to step in to a relationship with Jesus and this church.  

The gospel is God’s good news to us that we can be reconciled to him through the person and the work of Jesus Christ.  In order to get you going in the right direction, we would like to invite you to Connect.

At Connect, you get a chance to be led by our Pastor, Jeff Lethco, as he teaches you concerning salvation and church membership.  Join us for the Connect class on the first two Sunday evenings of the month at 6:00 PM in the Connect Room (childcare is provided). If you would like more information on our Connect classes please contact Polly Readett.