The Curious Yet Wonderful Ways of God

Today’s services examined the perfect timing of God, the people who God uses, and the preparation that God often puts people through before He uses them. All of these things can be rather curious at times when viewed from a human perspective, but rather rewarding when seen through the eyes of faith (Exodus 1-2).

It was great to be back.  It has been 4 weeks since I led worship at North Side.  Last Sunday, I was preaching at the SC CYIA conference, the previous week I preached on the Word, and the previous week I preached on family discipleship.  We used an acoustic setup for the morning and the guys did a great job.

We started our time with Psalm 138, and then we sang “You Are My Vision” and “Christ Be All Around Me.”

Jason Allen then led us in a time of prayer for our summer missionaries.  Fresh from dropping the crew off in West Africa, he did a great job getting our prayer groups together and interceding on their behalf.

After prayer and some video announcements, I shared the story behind “Come Thou Fount.”  We sang the song and then sang “Take My Life.”

Jeff’s message was great.  Studying through Exodus 1-2, he taught concerning the curious yet wonderful ways of God.  He discussed how God is never late (or early for that matter).  He has a plan.  He can use anyone that he wants to in order to accomplish his purposes.

He also spoke concerning how we can get in trouble when we get out of pace with God or out of place with God.  We must learn to wait on his purpose and his timing.

As he spoke, I thought about how great it is that God is on the throne retaining control over all things.  Leaders are in place because he put them there.  World affairs are held in his hand.  His purposes are being accomplished.

My God has never had to regroup and go back to the drawing board.  He has never been at a loss with what to do in this world or in your life.

He uses those who submit to his will and he uses those who do not.

We serve an incredible God.

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