Testimonies from Bible Reading Plan

Yesterday, we concluded our 100-Day Bible Reading Plan.  I have already heard some great comments from those who did it.

Some people restarted it today because it helped them so much!

In the middle of this process, I have heard great testimonies from people I know closely and those I have never met.

I wanted to share it with you to encourage you concerning the power of the Word.

I have heard from people who have started reading together as a family, people who finally understand the big picture of the Bible, people who just simply began to read the Bible for the first time, and so many others who have developed a love for God’s Word!

God’s Word is powerful!  Before we have even recorded or led one musical note from this project, God is already using it in the lives of people!  That is worth every bit of it!

If you are looking for a Bible reading plan, you can start one today!  Get the list here!

Here are some other  things that can help you keep going:

  1. Restart the Plan
  2. Watch a Message I Preached Through the Whole Bible
  3. Find Another Plan Here
  4. Mark Your Calendars for April 3-4 as we have a worship night around this study at North Side Baptist Church