What Birthday Present I Am Hoping For

So, today is my Birthday.  I am so grateful for another year of life!

I know you are embarrassed because you haven’t gotten me anything yet.  It’s OK.  I will tell you exactly what I am hoping for on my birthday.

My 7-year-old son, Obadiah, and I have been talking a lot about the Bible these days.  I told him that there are people around the world who have never been able to read it because it has never been translated in their language.  This fact overwhelmed him.  It truly shook him up.

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. (‭Colossians‬ ‭3‬:‭14‬ ESV)

We decided to do something about it.  We have a connection with the Mushere people of Nigeria and we are partnering with The Seed Company to complete a Bible translation in their native language.  Our church had raised enough money to translate 1 Peter and 2 Peter a few years ago as a gift to our pastor.

We desperately want to finish the job.  This isn’t a church project this time.  This is my son and I working together on a project that we are both passionate about.

Our goal is to sell these t-shirts and sell snacks at his lemonade stand to raise the money.  Would love if you could help us out!

So here is what the shirt looks like:

Mushere Shirt

The tagline of the Seed Company is #EndBiblePoverty.  The verse underneath is the Mushere version of 1 Peter. 1:25 which states “The Word of the Lord remains forever.”  The icon at the bottom is a combination of the flag and map of Nigeria.

So, if you would like to join the campaign, you can order a shirt here.  The shirts are $20.  You can pay a flat shipping fee of $5 or you can get it shipped to me and get it from me after campaign closes in 2 weeks.  $5 to be shipped to you.  $0 to be shipped to me (but I will need your help getting it – please don’t live in Alaska and hope I can get it to you ;)).

The money raised goes directly to The Seed Company.  None of the money will come to me.  Between this, the lemonade stand, and any other donations, we are believing that God can finish this project up.

If you want to get me anything for a birthday present, here is your call – let’s finish up a Bible translation for these people and be used by God to see another tribe be around the throne in eternity!  Get one today!

4 thoughts on “What Birthday Present I Am Hoping For”

  1. I know this might seem random since this post is from a year ago! But thanks so much for what you guys did towards ending bible poverty!!! Tell your son we are working on ending bible poverty in Thailand if he wants to come give out Bibles!

  2. Dear Travis, my colleague and I work at the Seed Company where Amy coordinates projects in Nigeria (including Mushere) and I provide technical support and training. I came across your son’s campaign today and am blown away. Love it! Thank you and your family for your participation in ending Bible poverty. We each would like to buy those t-shirts. I doubt you have any left but can you tell me who designed them so we can have more made? We would greatly appreciate the info. Thanks again!!!

    • Thanks so much, Darcie! My son is fantastic. The campaign ended and we can’t get anymore of those shirts, but we were just talking the other day about starting another one – stay posted!

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