Notes on Noah

This week has been jam-packed with all types of Kingdom goodness.  With all the great time we had at the Gathering, I have not posted my notes on this week’s discipleship group focus with Noah and the Ark.

Here are some notes I made during personal and group study:

  1. God’s regret was not based on what he had done wrong, but what humanity had done wrong.
  2. LORD, is this how you see us now (Gen. 6:5)?!
  3. God feels both anger and grief.  One without the other is not a complete picture of him.
  4. Noah’s favor was not an inheritance to his family but a benefit for them due to association.
  5. This story is not a cuddly children’s story – it is a depiction of the awful and terrible and all-consuming wrath of God.
  6. Unless Noah was hidden behind the wood of the ark, he would have perished!  Unless I am hidden behind the wood of the cross, I will perish!
  7. Note the order: Noah received God’s favor, was declared righteous, and this his family benefited from that righteousness (cf. Gen. 6:8, 18).
  8. Grace precedes righteousness (Gen. 6:8-9)!
  9. Noah’s faith (Heb. 11:7) led to obedience (Gen. 6:22).
  10. It wasn’t that Noah obeyed and that’s why he was saved.  It was that Noah received grace, and that’s why he obeyed.
  11. Can you imagine watching the door close and knowing who was on the other side (Gen. 7:16)?
  12. God takes sin seriously.
  13. The water that pulled many down was the same water that lifted others up.
  14. This dry land is not Eden.  Sin and fear have not yet been erased.
  15. God doesn’t promise the destruction is over.  He promises not to destroy the earth again – by flood.  Next time will be with fire (2 Thess. 1:2-8).
  16. The flood rid the sinners from Noah but could not completely rid the sinner within Noah (cf. Gen. 9:20-21).