When God Calls Us to Suffer

Joseph suffered unjustly and was later exalted to a place of prominence.  In a similar manner, Jesus suffered unjustly and was later raised from the dead and exalted as Lord of the world.

Here are some of my notes from last week’s lesson from the Gospel Project:

  1. God never promises that faith will spare us from suffering.
  2. Favoritism of one leads to jealousy and hatred in others.  It can also produce pride in the one favored.
  3. This vision by God of Joseph’s exaltation carries him through the time of humiliation.
  4. Joseph’s dream (Gen. 37:9) would come true (Gen. 42:6).
  5. We must learn to trust God’s plan even when we don’t like the initial direction.
  6. Joseph’s robe was distinguishable far off (Gen. 37:18).
  7. What a callous description of Joseph’s brothers and a depiction of defiant sin (Gen. 37:25).
  8. God’s sovereignty over our lives is so complete he is able to use even suffering and injustice to accomplish his plans in and through us.
  9. God’s delay concerning our rescue produces in us the ability to appreciate his salvation in a greater sense when it occurs.
  10. Joseph’s great hope in good times and bad – God was with him.
  11. God’s hands on us causes our hands to be successful (Gen. 39:5).
  12. Even in Joseph’s refusal to sin, he makes God look glorious (Gen. 39:9).
  13. No force is able to restrain God’s presence (Gen. 39:23).
  14. Our hope is not in a God who keeps us from bad things but in a God who walks with us through bad things.