Top 15 Posts of 2015

2015 was a busy year.  The world had some interesting developments.  Church and ministry were blowing and going.  And in the middle of all of it, for whatever reason, people checked out posts on this blog.  For all the posts written, these were the top 15 of 2015:

15. What to Do About Personality-Driven Churches

The rise (and unfortunate falls) of rock star preachers was at all-time high in our culture.  What are we supposed to do when individual churches are dangerously synonymous with the celebrity preacher?


14. Teaching Younger Women

Ruth McWhite joined me on this Family Alter video to discuss what discipleship looks like when older women begin to invest in younger women.

Teaching Younger Women [Family Alter 09]

13. Creation & Legos

This story is an encounter I had with my son and how I explained God as Creator to him using Legos.


12. I Wish I Could Take It For You

My son had a rare medical issue come up and it caused a lot of sacrificial, gospel-like conversations to take place.


11. Understand Who Your Spouse Is Coming

Jeff Lethco and I sat down in a premarital counseling session to talk about how you stay up-to-date on who your spouse is becoming (people change if you haven’t realized that yet).


10. The Double Standard Concerning Women and Lust

Our culture vilifies men for lustful behavior but gives women a free-pass.  What is seen as harmful in men is playful for women.

Double Standard

9. Bible Memory Starter Set

For those desiring to memorize Scripture, I provided some lists to get started.


8. Exposing the Serpent Seed Doctrine

An encounter with a racist guy on my blog caused me to check out the Serpent Seed Doctrine which states that blacks and Jews come from Satan and white folks come from Adam.

Serpent Seed

7. The Battle Plan for Prayer

This post told the story how I got involved in the War Room and the Bible study, The Battle Plan for Prayer.


6. Implications of the Ashley Madison Hack

Thousands of affair-seeking Internet users were exposed this year and I dissected the implications of it all.


5. The Prayers of Mrs. Judy

In this year as I asked God to help me become more a person of prayer, he reminded me consistently of the legacy of my friend, Mrs. Judy.


4. Your Wife’s Needs

This Family Alter video struck a nerve as we discussed what a wife needs from her husband.

Your Wife's Needs [Family Alter 07]

3. Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts

The sting operation that caught Planned Parenthood admitting to selling body parts left me in shock.


2. Your Husband’s Needs

This Family Alter video helped women identify a husband’s greatest needs.

Your Husband's Needs [Family Alter 06]

1. Death to the Church Green Room

This post went kinda viral surprisingly and had polar opposite reactions.  People either loved it or hated it and told me about it.  I pray it at least sparked some introspection for churches to see if shepherds are committed to being around sheep.

green room



Appreciate you checking out the blog this year.  Pray it will serve as a resource to help you with faith and family.