Praying the Psalms

Prayer life boring? Non-existent? Try this method with your family.


Pray the Psalms

I pray through one psalm everyday.  All Scripture is inspired by God (2 Tim. 3:16).  The Bible is God’s Word spoken to us.  The psalms are God’s Word intended for us to speak back to him.  We know not how we ought to speak to God, and the psalms train us how.

As we read the psalms, they give us insight concerning thoughts and direction to pray for ourselves, others, and through world events.

There are 150 psalms in the Book of Psalms.  If you pray one a day, you can go through the entire book in 5 months.  Take the calendar day of the month, and pray that psalm or an increment of 30.


Two options how to do it:

  1. Choose 1 of 5 psalms.  Take a brief overview of the 5 psalms for the day and choose which one you want to pray through (Sept. 5 – read Psalm 5; 35; 65; 95; 125).
  2. Walk straight through psalms.  Start on a certain day and move through the entire book.  In the first month, you go through 30, the next month 31-60, and so on.  I go this route because it doesn’t take as much time to try to choose through 5 and it also makes sure that I pray through the entire range of emotions and issues present in the book rather than just always going back to my favorites.

You read through it and pray through it.  It is incredible as you watch God shape your prayers.  The Spirit pinpoints areas to pray as the Word directs you how to pray.  It isn’t stale or stagnant but fresh every morning.  I highly recommend it!