God Dwells Where You Need Him Most


Many people interpret circumstances in their lives believing that God does not care enough about them to get involved.  Scripture paints a completely different picture of our Father.

One of the greatest qualities someone can have is that of consistency.

Children long to see that trait exhibited within their parents.

You may or may not be able to say that about your earthly father, but you can be confident in the steadfastness of your Heavenly Father.  We can thank God for his consistency within our lives.

Read Ps. 68:5 and notice how the psalmist describes our Father.

God in His holy dwelling is a father of the fatherless and a champion of widows.  -Ps. 68:5

“Holy” means “set apart.”  It is different.  It is other.  It is unique.  This verse teaches that God has a specific, set part, dwelling place.  It is a unique home for him.  It is a place where he chooses and desires to dwell.


God chooses to dwell with orphans and widows.  He lives in the exact place of a specific need.

God chooses to dwell where we need him the most.

I am not talking about felt needs.  I am talking about genuine, legitimate needs.  Our greatest need is salvation, and he is literally what fills that need.

In addition, for those who are hurting, broken, abused, abandoned, and mistreated, God is not far off.  He dwells where you hurt.  He is near.  He is close.

If you can find no other source of comfort today, realize that God sets up camp at the site of your greatest need.