Let the Walls Come Down

Joshua and Jericho is a familiar story, but there is so much gospel goodness in this story!

Joshua had to trust God’s unusual plan for salvation.  The people had to trust the leader and all act in faith towards God’s plan.  The victory came only in a way that God could get the credit.

Among the story, there is a prostitute who didn’t deserve salvation but got it because of her faith.  She became a part of the family of God not because she deserved it, but because she had faith in Israel’s God.

Notes from Joshua 6

  1. God is not joining in what Joshua is doing.  Joshua is joining in what God is doing (Josh. 5:13-15).
  2. 7 is a number of completeness (Josh. 6:4).
  3. I wonder how hard it was to sell the battle plan to the people.
  4. Could they trust Joshua?  Could they trust God?
  5. The silence of the Israelites marching around without saying anything would have been deafening (Josh. 6:10).
  6. A feat in of itself is impressive to blow the shofar together that long (Josh. 6:13).
  7. This victory came in such a way that only God could get the credit (Josh. 6:16).
  8. The shout of victory comes before the walls come down (Josh. 6:20).
  9. If this culture was allowed to survive, the people of God would have lost their devotion to God (Josh. 6:21).
  10. A family benefits from one’s faith (Josh. 6:22).
  11. Only time Rahab is not labeled as a prostitute (Josh. 2:1; Josh. 6:17; Heb. 11:31; James 2:25) is in proximity to Jesus (Matt. 1:5).
  12. Look for the scarlet cord (Josh. 2:18) throughout the pages of Scripture (Is. 1:18)!  A sign from a sinner that faith is providing salvation!
  13. Matt. 1:5 records of Rahab’s continual role in this story.
  14. She is no longer an outsider – that’s what faith does (Josh. 6:25)!