Everyday Evangelism

We finished up our “Everyday Church” series today as we focused on “Everyday Evangelism.”

I have loved how this series has started some great conversations and hearing some incredible stories of what God is doing.

Service Order

  • Reading – 1 Pet. 3:13-15
  • Prayer Time
  • Christ Is Risen – Matt Maher
  • Because He Lives – Bill Gaither
  • He Will Hold Me Fast – Norton Hall Band
  • All to Us (tag) – Chris Tomlin
  • Baptism (11:00 service)
  • Offertory Prayer
  • Unite Us Together – North Side Worship
  • All to Us (tag) – Chris Tomlin
  • Sermon – Everyday Evangelism (John 4)
  • Jesus Paid It All – North Side Worship
  • Build Your Kingdom Here – Rend Collective

Sermon Notes

  1. Jesus initiates this encounter (John 4:4, 7).
  2. Jesus never hesitates to cross a barrier (John 4:9).
  3. Jesus is the only well that satisfies (John 4:13-14).
  4. She turned the conversation about Jesus to a conversation about religion (John 4:20).  People still love to do this.
  5. Instead of worship being about time and places it’s about spirit and truth (John 4:21-23).
  6. It’s not about where you worship but what you worship (John 4:23).
  7. Mission exists because worship does not.  -John Piper
  8. Jesus doesn’t seek to answer all her questions, he seeks to reveal himself to her (John 4:25-26).
  9. She leaves the physical water once she has the living water (John 4:28).
  10. The first thing a convert should do is find the people closest to him or her and tell about what Jesus has done.