Suitable Helper

To say that God and Adam were close is an understatement.  Adam experienced a level of intimacy in the Garden that no other human has ever fully experienced.  There was no sin.  There was no separation.  There was no Fall, curse, or corrupt nature.  God strolled through the Garden that Adam tilled.  We are talking face to face, eye to eye, life to life interaction.

And yet, amidst this intimacy, God says one of the most shocking statements concerning the only creature he formed in his very image: “It is not good that the man should be alone” (Gen. 2:18).  The rolling rivers were good.  The berries on the tree were good.  The curiously formed duckbilled platypuses were good, and yet Man, made in God’s own striking image, was not good.

Adam was alone.

Genesis 2:18 Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone: I will make a helper fit for him.”

Pre-Fall, God believes that his creation, Adam, who he is walking and talking with in the Garden is simply alone and he dislikes the scenario so much that he does something about it.  Scanning the animal kingdom, it is obvious that the hippopotamuses and the likes are unable to make a good helper for one that was replicated from the image of the LORD.  Instead of giving something that is already created, he gives Adam something new and unique and beautiful.

God causes Adam to fall into a deep sleep, procures one of Adam’s ribs that he gave him, and fashioned something similar to him yet with striking distinctions (Gen. 2:21-22).  As Adam wakes from his slumber, he beholds a woman for the first time, and he is quite giddy with the Garden’s recent development.  The couple was both naked and yet unashamed (Gen. 2:25).  The two of them together became one.

As this relationship buds, they are not described as a pair, couple, or a team.  They are one.  Linked together physically, sexually, spiritually, and emotionally, these two of entered into a unique covenant that should be shared with no other.

As Creator, God reveals himself early on as able to do anything he desires.  If he can make the galaxies upon galaxies by mere words dancing from his lips, he should be able to meet the simple needs of this Adam creature.

Yet, while apparently he could meet Adam’s need for loneliness, he decides not to meet that need solely by himself.

He creates Eve (“woman”) to be a helper for Adam.  They will be one together.  While they were both made to enjoy the fellowship with the LORD, he has also purposed that they enjoy the fellowship with one another.  They can relate to one another.  While God will prove time and time again to empathize with Mankind throughout Creation’s harrowing story, he also provides a helper for Adam in order to navigate through this good place in which he has landed.

Walking face to face with God in the Garden of Eden, God deemed that Adam was alone.  He needed a helper.  But in this sinless utopia, what exactly did Adam need help with?  To determine that, we need to see what did Adam have before he had Eve.

#1. Relationship with God

Adam had a relationship with God.

Before Adam had a relationship with Eve, he had a relationship with God.  Therefore, the relationship with the first takes precedence over the second.

If you are looking for a life-partner, you need to ensure this person helps you grow closer in your relationship to the Lord.  If you are dating someone right now, you need to ask this question:

Is the person I am interested in more of a helper or a hindrance in my relationship with God?

In a great relationship, the two can serve as accountability by sharpening one another (Prov. 27:17) and encouraging each other to love and good deeds (Heb. 10:25).

#2. Role from God

Adam had a role given to him from God.

Adam’s job was to take care of the garden God had planted (Gen. 2:15) and to name the animals (Gen. 2:19).  This calling (vocation, purpose, role) was given to him by God.  Therefore, anyone who was to help Adam was to help him in fulfilling God’s calling on his life.

If you are interested in dating or marrying someone, ensure that he or she can help you fulfill God’s calling on your life.

Too often I see people walk away from what God has called them due to a romantic infatuation with another.

I understand you may like someone or love someone, but if God has called you to something, make sure that person helps you fulfill that.

Before you pick your traveling companion for life, make sure you two are heading in the same direction.

#3. Rule from God

Adam had a rule given to him by God.

God allowed Adam to eat from all types of trees but one (Gen. 2:17).  God gave this command to Adam, and he was to share it with his bride.

A God-given companion should help you fight temptation and obey God.

A God-given companion should help you follow God’s commandments more than his or her wishes.

Does the person you are interested in help you obey or disobey?  I am not talking about perfection, but is there a desire for holiness and obedience?

Suitable Helper


God has placed a void in our heart that he alone can fill, but this passage reveals that he has also placed a void in our hearts that he chooses not to fill.

He designed us to need a helper.

This helper who is like Adam is someone who can identify with his hurts, his weaknesses, his insecurities, and all of his successes and failures. While God would love Adam and provide an example for Adam, God knew that Adam was going to need someone beside him that was like him. God is so not like us, we needed someone to walk beside us to help follow him.

The temptation is to ask if your fiancé or spouse is a suitable helper to you.  The more pertinent question is are you a suitable helper for him or her?  Instead of looking at their issues today, what would happen if you sought to be a better helper to your spouse? How could you help your spouse today – physically, emotionally, or spiritually?