Worship Evangelism

Worship Evangelism was written in response to the seeker-sensitive, church-growth movement.  In an era when so many churches work hard at feeling just like the world, Morgenthaler makes a call for churches to remain holy in the truest sense of the word – other than.  The best way to reach “seekers” (I know, no one seeks after God [Rom 3:10], but that is the term used in this movement for those interested in Christianity but not committed yet) is to allow them to see worshipers truly worship.  Don’t make the worship service just like the world.  Let them be a part of worship geared towards God.  Worship isn’t for the member or the seeker, worship is meant for God.

Favorite Quotes

  1. The central paradigm of this book is that our worship of God either affirms or contradicts our message about God (9).
  2. We are not producing worshipers in this country. Rather, we are producing a generation of spectators, religious onlookers lacking, in many cases, any memory of a true encounter with God, deprived of both the tangible sense of God’s presence and the supernatural relationship their inmost spirits crave (17).
  3. A true encounter with God leaves us with a lot more than good feelings.  It leaves us with changed hearts and calls us to changed lives (52).
  4. The purpose of worship is to glorify God, not to win lost souls (87).
  5. A seeker may not be able to actually worship, but he or she can gain much by observing (90).
  6. [Regarding planning around the sermon topic] If the pastor’s “topic of the week” is one that happens to link up with the message of Christ’s unconditional love and sacrifice on our behalf, fine.  If not, we have missed Christ for another seven days (106).
  7. [Quoted from Sjogren] We’ve gotten to the point where we do a low-key, non manipulative altar call every other week – most often during the first praise and worship set.  That way the emphasis is on “What is God doing in your heart,” not on, “Gee, Steve is a great presenter” (204).
  8. Worship evangelism is Christians worshiping the one true God in front of nonbelievers (270).
  9. True reformation always brings back essential biblical truths that have been lost over time (282).

Book Overview

In Worship Evangelism, Sally Morgenthaler calls the church to consider the remarkable, untapped potential of worship as an opportunity of those who aren’t yet followers of Jesus Christ as well as those who are to encounter the presence of God. Combining the best of traditional and contemporary worship music and practices, Morgenthaler shows how to achieve worship that’s both culturally relevant and authentic.

She helps pastors, worship leaders, and musicians:

  • Understand worship and its attraction for non-Christians
  • Tear down walls that keep unbelievers from meeting God in church worship
  • Make worship evangelism happen–in any culture

Morgenthaler draws on sound research and her extensive experience as a worship leader to offer an energetic, hands-on approach. Now with a study guide that encourages group discussion and personal action, this timely book offers fresh vision for worship evangelism and provides the strategies to implement it.