Serving in Your Church Prayer Ministry

This week’s book of the week is by my professor, advisor, mentor, and buddy, Chuck Lawless.  Serving in Your Church Prayer Ministry is a fantastic read with practical steps for a church to prioritize prayer.

Favorite Quotes

  1. “The early church was a prayer-driven church…They watched [Jesus] minister to all types of people, but they didn’t ask for ministry training.  Instead, they wanted to teach them to pray like he prayed (Luke 11:1)” (9).
  2. “Driven by duty rather than by love for God, we work harder in church but often pray less” (16).
  3. “When we really believe that prayer makes a difference, we’ll pray more” (19).
  4. “I see a prayer room as a place of action — almost like a war room where the troops get their orders and renew their strength” (42).
  5. “Let’s be honest.  Most of us who are leaders in churches are gifted enough to carry out our responsibilities in our own strength – at least for a while…Our own prayer life becomes less important because we become less dependent on the power of God” (51).
  6. “Most effective evangelistic churches pray intentionally – that is, they have a prayer strategy with focus and direction” (62).

Product Description

Group training Prayer is absolutely indispensable for your church. The early church was powerful because it prayed—and today, God moves in praying churches in ways that planning and programs alone can’t produce. This book is designed to help your church become more alive, more powerful, and more in love with Jesus Christ as you and your group learn and practice the secrets of effective prayer.

Serving in Your Church Prayer Ministry discusses:

  • The importance of prayer
  • Organizing for prayer
  • Prioritizing prayer in your church
  • Praying for leaders
  • Praying evangelistically
  • Multiplying pray-ers in your church
  • Praying without ceasing