5 Worship Team Killers

I’m excited to say that my new book is available today.  As I have discipled our worship team, spoken at worship conferences, and consulted worship teams, I have often been asked to develop a resource based on a teaching I have done around the 5 Worship Team Killers.  While there are incredible worship resources available, most of them are geared towards pastors or leaders.  I wanted something that a choir member, band member, or tech team member could read and progress in their abilities as a worship leader within their context.

The book is principle-based rather than method-based.

What that means is that I do not have a worship style that I think people should ascribe to.  The book is based off of 5 biblical essentials for worship teams.

I can say confidently that it is worth reading because in the 136 page book, there are 564 biblical references.  

I tried not to make this about my words as much as about his Word.

It can be read as an individual or studied as a team.  I pray that it can possibly help your worship team!

Favorite Quotes

Since I read a book a week and give my favorite quotes, I thought I would do that as well here.  It’s kind of awkward saying what your favorite quotes are about something you have written, but I at least want you to get a taste of what the book is about.

  1. Worship was never meant to be about me (9).
  2. If you don’t humble yourself, God will (32).
  3. Our stage portrayal should not be a soul betrayal (45).
  4. If your reputation and character don’t match up, you are a hypocrite (49).
  5. If worship teams are called to declare the truth and goodness of God, they better do it in the best possible manner that they can (65).
  6. There is a difference between a gift and a craft.  People are born with gifts – they develop crafts (67).
  7. You will have minimal impact where you have minimal presence (83).
  8. While time on stage may provide ministry affirmation, the time off stage provides ministry validation (91).
  9. Jesus never dismissed the needs of others in order to care for his own needs (98).
  10. When division exist in the church, God makes no allowance for indifference (109).
  11. Unity is found not in looking at one another but looking together at one thing (120).
  12. God’s favorite worship style is a lifestyle (127).
  13. It is a dangerous thing to enter into the presence of God and somehow believe that you deserve to be there (131).
  14. A successful worship leader is one who causes people to forget the one leading and to remember the one to whom they have been led (134).

Book Overview

Your worship team is under spiritual attack. If your team doesn’t notice it, that may be because the battle is already over. While contexts differ, these five worship team killers show up in almost every situation and every heart: pride, inconsistency, inability, detachment, and division. Since you are a target, would you take some time to research the dangerous areas? Study through the common assaults and observe the wreckage on the roadside. And then allow the Word and the Spirit to work in your life to ensure you won’t be another casualty.