Jonah: God’s Relentless Pursuit

So excited to start first sermon series at Rocky Creek this Sunday at 10:30!  I will begin preaching Jonah: God’s Relentless Pursuit and if you don’t have a church home and are in the Greenville area, we would love to have you!

Series Overview

Jonah was a prophet on the run but discovered quickly that he could not outrun God.  No matter how hard we may try to avoid God’s call on our own lives, we will soon realize that we cannot escape God’s relentless pursuit.

Sermons Overview

  1. Anywhere but Nineveh [Jonah 1] – It is not beyond God to call us to difficult and unexpected tasks.  If we attempt to flee, God proves that he can always outrun us and get us right where he wants us to be.
  2. A Fish Named “Grace” [Jonah 2] – No amount of rebellion is greater than God’s love.  His relentless pursuit of us will even find us in the lowest possible places.
  3. The God of Second Chances [Jonah 3] – Despite our sin, God provides second chances.  Not only does he show grace to us, but he can show grace through us.
  4. Practical Heretic [Jonah 4] – It is worthless to agree with a theology that we cannot embrace.  We must fight against the tendency to withhold from others the same grace that benefited us.