Practical Heretic

Practical Heretic [Jonah 4] – It is worthless to agree with a theology that we cannot embrace.  We must fight against the …



Jonah was a prophet on the run but discovered quickly that he could not outrun God. No matter how hard we may try to avoid God’s call on our own lives, we will soon realize that we cannot escape God’s relentless pursuit.

Anywhere But Nineveh

Preached 02/12/2017 at Rocky Creek Jonah: God’s Relentless Pursuit Series Overview: Jonah was a prophet on the run but discovered …


Major in the Minors: Jonah

What a wonderful day at North Side!  So much happened today that we can celebrate our God for!  Focusing on Jonah, we talked about accepting God’s call throughout the service.  We were so blessed to hear from Hope Brown, student missionary, who just returned with a bunch of other students who served at M-Fuge Charleston.

Today, we worshiped to:

I always love worship with a missional focus!  It was great to hear our congregation say, “Where You send us, God, we will go!”  In addition to those missional worship songs, I also included a new song I wrote for my boys called “Like Father Like Son.”  I wanted to make our Father’s Day focus impacting and not something Hallmark.  The words of this song have caused me to think lately and I pray it was a challenge for all the fathers today.