Order in the Church

Titus 1:1-9

Churches can easily drift from the biblical mandate.  God’s Word provides specific directions to bring order within a church family.

  1. God wants his church discipled.
    • I serve God; I’m sent by God – not the other way around.
    • Election can either become a nuisance, an avoidance, or an obsession.
    • The most foundational element of election is being in awe that God would actually desire any of us.
    • Faith leads to knowledge.  Knowledge leads to godliness.  Godliness leads to hope.
    • Justification is the declaration of holiness.  Sanctification is the process of holiness.  Glorification is the completion of holiness.
    • Salvation is not the finishing line – it is the starting line.
  2. God wants his church organized.
    • Every church desperately needs convictional and directional unity.
    • God appoints leaders in the church to set things in order.
    • The most effective Christians are the ones who see themselves as part of something bigger than just their personal lives.
  3. God wants his church guided.
    • It’s hard to lead you somewhere if I don’t know the way.
    • God expects pastors to lead with integrity within the home (1:6), community (1:7-8), and church (1:9).
    • Follow leaders who show devotion to their family, their conduct, and their doctrine.
    • It should be easy for believers to submit to leaders who submit to God.