Preaching for God’s Glory

Seasoned pastor Alistair Begg observes that much of what is said from today’s pulpits cannot be counted as Bible-based, God-glorifying, and life-changing. Rather than preparing a steady diet of spiritual meat, pastors are mistakenly serving up a self-focused snack–ultimately leaving congregations malnourished and ill prepared to stand firm when their faith is challenged.

Recognizing the need for a return to biblical preaching, Begg has written this practical book, outlining the nature of power-filled, expository preaching and demonstrating its importance in the life of the church.

Favorite Quotes

  1. …expository preaching that is Bible-based, Christ-focused, and life-changing – the kind of preaching that is marked by doctrinal clarity, a sense of gravity, and convincing argument (13).
  2. Young men beginning pastoral ministry are besieged by members of their congregations wanting them to begin their sermons with man and his need instead of God and his glory (27).
  3. The Bible expositor does not start with an idea or a great illustration and then search for an appropriate passage (35).
  4. In fact, the variety inherent in the Bible itself should be present in our preaching.  Expository preaching need not be limited to exhaustive and exhausting studies through books of the Bible (47).
  5. There is nothing quite so ridiculous as the affected tone and adopted posture of the preacher who wishes he was someone else (57).
  6. We cannot make much of ourselves and much of the Lord Jesus Christ simultaneously (57).