Jesus Is the Greater David

As you study the Old Testament, you begin to see the foreshadowing of Christ.  Typological characters and events fill the pages.  While these events are important in and of themselves, they are a shadow of something greater to come.  In studying the life of David, you begin to realize something very important.

Jesus is the greater David who defeated the greater giant.

Jesus is the greater son of Bethlehem – born into obscurity.  While David was a nobody from nowhere, Jesus left heaven to be born there.

Jesus is the greater unexpected candidate – overlooked and forgotten.  While David was the least likely brother to be chosen king, Jesus was despised and rejected by all men.

Jesus is the greater anointed king – consecrated in the shadows.  While David was anointed to be king without Saul’s ability to know, Jesus was appointed to be king without Satan’s ability to stop.

Jesus is the greater shepherd – watching over his flock.  While David watched over his sheep and protected them against danger, Jesus watches over us and protects us against our greatest enemy.

Jesus is the greater suffering servant – enduring injustices. While David was persecuted for his sin and others’ sins, Jesus was persecuted for our sin.

Jesus is the greater wilderness wanderer – abandoned and betrayed. While David struggled with temptation in the wilderness, Jesus proved victorious and emerged from the wilderness spotless.

Jesus is the greater substitute – taking our place in the battle. While David became the substitute for King Saul against the enemy, Jesus because the substitute for us who were the enemy.

Jesus is the greater warrior – charging the battle line. While David ran towards the fight with passion, Jesus ran towards the cross with joy.

Jesus is the greater slinger of stones – defeating the enemy. While David threw the stone that would be the death of Goliath, Jesus threw the stone that would be the death of death.

Jesus is the greater king – reigning forever.  While David reigned in power as king, Jesus will reign forever as king of kings and Lord of lords.

[This was read at the end of the sermon, “There’s Always Somebody Taller” on 1 Samuel 17, the story commonly titled David and Goliath.]