1 Samuel: Looking on the Heart

I thoroughly enjoyed Dale Ralph Davis’ commentary on 1 Samuel: Looking on the Heart.  He is able to cover what is needed to be covered without getting lost by chasing rabbit trails.

Favorite Quotes

  1. God’s tendency is to make our total inability his starting point (16).
  2. So the text teaches that someone can remain so firm in his rebellion that God will confirm him in it, so much so that he will remain utterly deaf to and unmoved by any warnings of judgment or pleas for repentance (34).
  3. Their help now was not in the strong name of Yahweh but in a new form of government.  It is not monarchy but trust in monarchy that is the villain (85).
  4. By his action Saul confessed that certain emergencies rendered Yahweh’s word unnecessary.  When the chips were down kingship could function on its own (136).
  5. Sometimes Yahweh must save us from our saviors, our self-chosen solutions to kingdom needs or personal dilemmas.  And how often he has (172).
  6. David will be delivered not because he has true grit but because he knows the true God (186).
  7. The covenant involves firm promises and solemn commitments (206).

Book Overview

Davis brings cultural and historical colour to the task of interpretation and adds a pastor’s heart for personal application. You will find a point of contact with the lives of Samuel, Saul, Jonathan and David as Davis answers the question ‘What does God seek when he looks on the heart?’ Davis presents simple exposition of the literary and theological character of the text in a bright and fascinating way.