How God the Father Affirmed His Son (And What Dads Need to Learn From It)

When you enter the New Testament, the idea of a father’s blessing is not as prominent due to the church functioning as the people of God rather than a family basis.

In these pages, though, we have the best example of a father blessing his son in the example at Jesus’ baptism.

Within the pages of Scripture, biblical blessings happened at pivotal moments (near a father’s death, baptism, etc.).  God decided to bless his son, Jesus, at a pivotal time.  Coinciding with Jesus’ inauguration into ministry, Jesus travels to the Jordan River to be baptized by his cousin, John the Baptist (Matt. 3:13).

One of the best examples of fathering I have ever seen is how God the Father publicly affirmed his son, Jesus, when his voice thundered through the clouds at Jesus’ baptism.

“After Jesus was baptized, He went up immediately from the water.  The heavens suddenly opened for Him, and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming down on Him.  And there came a voice from heaven: ‘This is My beloved Son.  I take delight in Him!’” (Matt. 3:16-17).

At the Transfiguration, a similar event took place when the disciples heard the Father say, “This is my beloved Son.  I take delight in Him.  Listen to Him!” (Matt. 17:5).

In the words of the Father, we see an example in how a father should bless his son in three specific ways: acceptance, adoration, and approval.

  • Acceptance – The Father wanted the listeners to know that Jesus was his son.  He not only accepted Jesus privately, but he wanted all to know that he accepted his son.  Fathers show their acceptance by addressing sons as who they really are, not who they desire them to be.
  • Adoration – God had no problem telling the world that he adored his son, Jesus.  As a beloved son, Jesus knew that his father was crazy about him and he didn’t care who knew it.  Fathers are called to express that type of love that treasures their children and delights in them.
  • Approval – Not only did God tell people that he accepted and adored Jesus, he also wanted all to know that he approved of him.  When he told the disciples to listen to what his son had to say, that showed he approved the worth of his son’s message.  When a father tells a child that they are good at something and everyone should know it and benefit from it, few compliments in this life could ever surpass that one.

As a father, are you blessing your children?  Are you taking time at this pivotal moments in life and speaking truth over them?  Are you showering them with appropriate gifts that will equip them to further succeeding in their discipleship?

Don’t assume that they are aware of your confirmation, tell them and show them.

“The blessings of your father excel the blessings of my ancestors and the bounty of the eternal hills” (Gen. 49:26).