2 Samuel: Out of Every Adversity

Loved reading Davis’ commentary, 2 Samuel: Out of Every Adversity, while going through this study on the life of David.

Book Overview

Davis brings cultural and historical colour to the task of interpreting one of the most studied parts of the Bible. The lessons in 2 Samuel from the life of Israel, and David in particular, have obvious modern parallels. Davis writes with a pastor’s heart AND the incisive brain of a respected theologian specializing in the Old Testament texts.

Favorite Quotes

  1. So let us resist the temptation, and let us not focus on the covenant but (where Scripture always places the emphasis) on the covenant God, not on the promise but on the Promiser (83).
  2. Yahweh’s kingdom plan through David’s dynasty is simply unstoppable; he will overwhelm death, sin, and time if need be to bring it about (95).
  3. Biblical redemption always involves both elements: liberation and possession (102).
  4. What I’m saying is that we are the Lord’s Mephibosheths, and there is absolutely no reason why we should be eating continually at the King’s table (126).
  5. The unvarnished truth is that life for God’s people can be like that even in the supposed kingdom of God.  That kingdom is not safe even in David’s hands.  It is only safe when Jesus Christ rules and will rule with justice and righteousness (145).
  6. Yahweh forgives the guilt of sin but inflicts the consequences of sin (156).
  7. Somehow the God of heaven has always been up to the challenge: he always preserves the seed or the deliverer or the king (277).
  8. If we are upset over a text that tells us Yahweh is angry but does not tell us why, are we not saying that we really don’t trust him to be just (318)?
  9. In his crises his theology seems to come out almost by reflect action.  Is this not as it should be in your believing experience?  Must you not have your best theology for your darkest moments (320)?