Disciples Keep Growing

Colossians 1:1-8

Disciples Keep Growing

Paul recognized the Colossian church as a group of disciples who had been changed and yet were still being changed by the gospel.  As disciples, the gospel should be continually bearing fruit and increasing within us and through us.

9 Traits of Growing Disciples

Disciples keep growing if:
  1. their faith is in Jesus – Faith is banking your very eternity on the fact that Jesus’ sacrifice was sufficient to obtain God’s forgiveness.
  2. their love is for all the saints – Disciples don’t have the liberty to pick and choose which members of the Church they will love.
  3. their hope is in heaven – Hope allows us to be so heavenly minded that we are earthly good.
  4. their lives are bearing fruit – Deep roots in Christ produce mature fruit in life.
  5. their witness is spreading – We should be unable to contain the gospel and unwilling to keep our lives the same after being changed by it.
  6. their understanding of truth is advancing – Learning biblical truth is the endless pursuit of knowing the eternal God.
  7. their need for grace is acknowledged – Grace is acknowledging that the only reason I get to be a disciple is because Jesus wants me to follow him.
  8. their impact is multiplying – Disciples are disciple makers by default. You really haven’t learned truth if you haven’t shared it.
  9. their reputation is known – As a disciple, your reputation precedes you and glorifies God.

6 Components in the Life of a Disciple

  1. Event – Do you have a milestone in your life when the gospel changed you?
  2. Environment – What regular faith gatherings are shaping who you are today?
  3. Example – Who is the mentor you aspire to follow?
  4. Encourager – Who is the friend walking beside you and pushing you towards Christ?
  5. Equipment – What spiritual disciplines are training you to grow in godliness?
  6. Engagement – How are you intentionally investing in another with what you have learned?

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