You Can’t Make It On Your Own [Spoken Word]

You can gather with other believers
Every single chance you find
You can walk through religious doors
Every time they’re open wide
You can slip in and slip back out
And yet still be barely known
For all the good you think you’ve found
You can’t make it on your own

You can read your Bible daily
And think how it applies to YOU
While neglecting all it’s “one another’s”
And miss the plural side of truth
Give US this day OUR daily bread
Don’t settle for crumbs alone
A table for one you might reserve
But you can’t make it on your own

The Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit
The Blessed Trinity
The Godhead displaying for us now
The aim of community
Focus on others – not just me
Don’t settle to remain unknown
For all that you want to build in life
You can’t make it on your own

Jesus would often leave the masses
To focus upon the few
And yet being a number in the crowd
Is the isolation you pursue
There’s no exception to God’s Words
It’s not good when Man’s alone
If you love this Christ, than love His bride
For you can’t make it on your own

You can say you don’t need others
But what if they need you?
If you really are that put together
Why don’t you help us through?
If you keep us at a distance
Christian fellowship you disown
Hard times are promised to come our way
And you can’t make it on your own

When we speak of church as a building
Or a service that we attend
We miss the very nature
Of what God would recommend
Only iron can sharpen iron
Only through relationships can it be shown
That you’re at your best when you believe
You can’t make it on your own

[I wrote this for the end of a sermon on Colossians 4:7-18 entitled, “You Can’t Make It On Your Own.]