Spoil Your Wife

In our culture, too many people see marriage as the ol’ ball and chain.  How shameful it is that we depict marriage like a burden.  Like the rapper, KB has said, “If my wife’s a ball and chain, then I love being her slave.”

  • Loving our wives is more than buying a few trinkets or working hard to provide for the family.
  • Loving our wives involves more than romantic advances in her direction.
  • Loving our wives changes overtime because they change.

To love your wife, you have to get intentional. I want more than a pep talk here, I want to put the truths of God’s Word into practice.

That’s why I recommend you to have a plan to show your wife you love her.

Oftentimes, in the midst of hectic schedules, anniversaries rush in without ample preparation time. Date nights get squeezed out due to piano recitals and soccer games. And many great intentions never come to fruition.

That’s going to have to change. You are going to learn how to love your wife. We’re not talking about feelings, we’re talking about a decision. Christ didn’t “feel” like going to the cross, but He went to it with joy (Heb. 12:2). No matter how she responds or how she is treating you, you make a resolution to get intentional.

Have you ever thought about how you could spoil your wife?  What would bless her?  

Look at the upcoming calendar.  Then, taking into consideration any special dates on the calendar, plan different ways to show love to your wife. Don’t think about what you want – pray and think about what shows your wife that you love her. Keep it fresh. Surprise her week to week (one week it might be a weekend getaway, next week you might set up a place to dance once the kids go down for bed, the next week a massage appointment at the spa, a card one week, etc.).

These efforts to spoil your wife don’t have to cost money, they just need intentionality.  


Because your wife is worth spoiling.

She has been married to you all this time 😉