When Your Spiritual Growth Seems Stunted

As believers, we should be in a state of spiritual growth, but too often, we seem to be stuck in the same place. If there is a true profession of faith, there should be a true progression of faith. In this episode of The 2nd Mile Podcast, we discuss the importance of selecting that next spiritual discipline to make intentional progress in following Jesus.


I can remember where I was when it happened.  A spiritual mentor of mine initiated a conversation with me.  After we went through the expected exchanges, he asked me a penetrating question: So, what has God been teaching you lately?  I was frozen.  The moments felt like hours, as I stumbled through responding, I gave a decent enough response to get him off my back.  What I shared seemed valid, but what I shared was dated.  It was a lesson I had learned probably 18 months before.  Why did I bring that one up?  Cause I couldn’t recall anything recently.  If you’ve ever felt like that, it’s time to go the second mile in your spiritual growth.

Getting Honest (You’re Not There Yet)

  • If there is a true profession of faith, there should be a true progression of faith.
  • Spiritual disciplines are not meant to make you more liked by Jesus but to make you more like Jesus.
  • The Path of Holiness
    • Justification – the declaration of holiness
    • Sanctification – the process of holiness
    • Glorification – the completion of holiness
  • The proof that we are neglecting sanctification is the lack of holiness present in our lives.

Making Progress (But You Should Be Getting There)

  • If your goal is anything other than godliness, then your spiritual disciplines will be more like drudgery than delight.
  • 1 Tim. 4:6-10
  • No discipline is more important than regular Bible study because it encourages every other worthwhile spiritual pursuit.

Getting Specific (By Taking the Next Step)

  • True disciples discipline themselves.
  • Imagine the health of one’s soul if he or she spent as much time developing it as he or she spent on the body.
  • Can you think of one spiritual hero that doesn’t prioritize at least one spiritual discipline?


You can listen to the 2nd Mile Podcast here or download it on your favorite app below.  Some of the main points are transcribed for you below as well.