Stop Boring Prayer Times

Many disciples of Jesus struggle with distracted, neglected, and boring prayer lives.  

The problem of prayer is not the content or the recipient – it’s the method.  

In this episode, discover some tips to stop boring prayer times.

Prayer Distractions

  1. Lack of Faith – Relying on a God we cannot see with requests we cannot handle requires faith.
  2. Lack of Familiarity – We talk awkwardly if we don’t know the person to whom we are talking.
  3. Lack of Focus – Conflicts, concerns, and chores fill our minds and hinder our prayers.
  4. Lack of Form – The problem of prayer is not the content or the recipient – it’s the method.

Prayer Tips

  1. Pray Out Loud – Praying out loud keeps your mind focused on the conversation rather than going back and forth between praying and daydreaming.
  2. Pray on Your Knees – A reverent posture like kneeling can help awaken your soul to the power and privilege of prayer.
  3. Pray with a Guide – Develop a guide that helps direct your prayers rather than depending upon the alertness of your mind.
  4. Pray with Variations – If you do the same thing and say the same thing everyday, prayer will get monotonous and boring.  Change it up.

Prayer Strategies

  1. Prayer List – Keep a list of requests and mark them when answered.
  2. Prayer Basket – Collect a basket of pictures and Christmas cards to pray for different people at mealtimes.
  3. Prayer Schedule – Have alerts at different times of the day to pray for specific requests.
  4. Prayer Triggers – Train your mind to see different triggers as being a catalyst to pray.
  5. Prayer Weekly Calendar – Vary the categories of who you pray for on intentional days.
  6. Prayer Psalms – Use the Psalm order with the calendar day of the month to pray through the Word.


You can listen to the 2nd Mile Podcast here or download it on your favorite app below.  Some of the main points are transcribed for you below as well.