The Small Issue in Your Marriage That Will Make a Big Mess

Before moving into a house, most people go through a home inspection. Years ago, our inspector caught numerous issues that had to be addressed, but he missed a small one. Honestly, the discrepancy was only a few centimeters. I never even noticed it until we had been in the house for quite some time.

The discrepancy was a pipe that was a few centimeters loose from the hot water heater. The pipe was supposed to connect to the drain system in the rare case of the unit quitting. If the hot water heater died, the water would slowly drain out through the pipes to the backyard. The pipe was just a few centimeters off, but that distance caused great damage in our home when gallons of water poured out of the attic, through the ceilings, and onto our floors. It was a small issue that caused a big mess.

Many marriages I know are a lot like that discrepancy. The issue seems rather small but if the couple fails to address it, it will create a great mess. It’s time to go the second mile in addressing the small issues that bring potential big impact.


  1. IDENTIFY: Sometimes the smallest things in marriage can become the most dangerous.
    • What are the obvious marriage separators endangering couples?
    • What are the dangerous nuisances in your marriage?
  2. CATCH: Relentlessly catch the small “foxes” that seek to ruin your marriage.
    • Song of Solomon 2:15 – Catch the foxes for us, the little foxes, that spoil the vineyards, for our vineyards are in blossom.
    • The most dangerous nuisances in your marriage may not be the ones that are so glaringly obvious.
  3. RESIST: Resist the perspective that causes you to go to battle against your spouse when you should be going to battle with your spouse.
    • Your marriage has an enemy, and it isn’t your spouse.
    • Your marriage should be progressing towards greater intimacy and not drifting towards relational complacency.