10 Tips for Great Sundays

If you have ever desired to have meaningful Sunday worship experiences with your church, the process starts on Saturday. In fact, if you don’t prepare well, your frantic pace on Sunday can rob you of meaningful interactions with God and with God’s people.

In this episode of the 2nd mile podcast, I share 10 tips to ensure you have a great Sunday.

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  1. Prepare your stuff on Saturday afternoon.
  2. Prepare your hearts on Saturday night.
  3. Beware of Saturday night’s content.
  4. Set an adequate alarm.
  5. Drive past the best parking.
  6. Get there 15 minutes early.
  7. Look out for new faces.
  8. Engage Jesus passionately.
  9. Encourage others intentionally.
  10. Hang out for 15 minutes afterward.
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