You Really Are a Theologian

As I grew and developed in my faith, I was given the opportunity to lead many small groups. Even as a teenager and collegiate, many people trusted me with the opportunity to open up God’s Word and teach from it to varying degrees of eager learners. Does that scare you? It did me. And it should have scared others.

You know why? Because I guided our biblical discussion based upon a question others had asked me: “What does that mean to you?” As it had been asked to me, I asked it to others. But what if the Bible’s message isn’t in what you think it is but in what God intends it to be.

Maybe you don’t consider yourself a theologian, but I would beg to differ. You have beliefs about God and you share them with others even if by default. You really are a theologian, the question is: are you a good one? It’s time to go the 2nd mile in our theology.

This episode explains the content of my new book, Wiki God, being released within a few days. I also read some sample content from it with the hope of inspiring you to develop your own theology from the Bible.

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