How to Maintain Camp Commitments

It happens at every summer church camp. It’s the final night of worship, and almost every person in attendance is ready to make a decision. If the person is confident in salvation, he or she might repent of sins or make a rededication of sorts. 

Since last year’s camp got them all excited about living for Jesus, they thought it would be different. Unfortunately, many go back to previous ways of life once they get home. At camp this year though, it is promised it is going to be different.

Whether it is a summer camp or a Christian retreat, we have all made those commitments and fallen short eventually. Are you tired of those empty promises? It’s time to go the second mile in maintaining camp commitments.

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First-mile believers hope that the spiritual high will last. Second-mile disciples take what they learn on the mountains to prepare them for the valleys.

5 Steps to Ensure Camp Commitment

  1. Establish the Credit – If your life truly changed, give Jesus the credit for that change – not camp.  
  2. Commit to Church – Decide that you will connect with the church that brought you to equip you for further growth after camp.
  3. Identify the Dangers – Acknowledge the weak areas in your life and make preparations to combat them.  
  4. Create a Plan – Much of the change happened due to the exposure you had to God’s Word.  I have great news – the Bible goes home with you!  
  5. Find a Partner – Who is someone who you will be around that pushes you closer to the image of Christ?  Talk with that person and commit to running this race together (2 Tim. 2:22).