How to Protect Your Home from Technology

While technology has incredible benefits, it also brings dangerous possibilities. Learn how you can protect yourself and your family from unwise technological usage.

“All things are lawful for me,” but not all things are helpful. “All things are lawful for me,” but I will not be enslaved by anything (1 Cor. 6:12).

Incredible Benefits

  1. Relationship Strengthener– Technology allows us to connect quickly when distance separates us.
  2. Safety Provider– Technology provides health awareness and security information to protect us from harm.
  3. Creation Inspirer– Technology exposes us to distant parts of creation and significant pieces of art that can create awe in our souls.
  4. Information Collector– Technology allows us the opportunity to learn great truths with greater ease.
  5. Skill Teacher– Technology equips us for skills by which our surroundings may not provide expertise.
  6. Life Organizer– Technology creates a framework to experience a God-honoring level of productivity.
  7. Truth Proclaimer– Technology creates a digital pulpit with which to proclaim truth to the world.

Dangerous Possibilities

  1. Technological Overexposure– Constant technological usage implements an unhealthy reliance on digital devices.
  2. Unfiltered Content– Even if you don’t seek sinful content, it is strategically coming for you.
  3. Isolated Entertainment– The increase of private entertainment usage encourages shameful content and disconnected moments.
  4. Secretive Connections– The ability to connect with many people online opens the door to experience dangerous connections in person.
  5. Disconnected Relationships– Social media provides an opportunity at a type of community that seeks to substitute real, meaningful connections.
  6. Affirmation Desperation– If we gravitate towards whatever affirms us the most, social media provides us an outlet to be affirmed for positive or negative reasons.
  7. Normalized Distraction– Allowing notifications to disrupt our lives constantly creates a normalized sense of distraction and reduces our ability to focus.

Questions to Consider

  1. How much is too much?
  2. How often is too often?
  3. How accessible to too accessible?
  4. Is a particular usage of technology helping or hindering our family relationships?
  5. Is there a change that needs to be made that would cause a family member to resent you in 20 days but thank you in 20 years?
  6. How will you explain the need for a change?
  7. If you make a change, what will you put in the technology’s place?