2020 Sermon Series

As I prayed for preaching direction for 2020, I could not escape from the pervading stress that attacks our church family.

Financial, emotional, spiritual, and political stress seem to be at an all-time high for so many people.

With that directive in mind, I searched the Scriptures to find the needed Word for this pivotal year. Take a look where the Spirit is leading us into the Word in 2020.

Upcoming Series

  1. Proverbs on Money – Financial stress endangers us all. God’s Word provides critical insight regarding possessions, debt, contentment, investments, and generosity. As we seek His Word, not only will our financial anxiety decrease, but our missional opportunities will increase.
  2. Philippians – The Apostle Paul was no stranger to emotional stress. Giving his life away for gospel ministry landed him in prison, and yet all he could talk about was the need to rejoice. We will go through this book to see the secrets of the joy-filled Christian. 
  3. Psalms [Vol. 2] – During the summer, we will once again venture into the Psalms to help us know how to relate to God. The only way to handle the stresses of this life is walking beside the only One who can bring us true peace.
  4. Daniel – As Fall 2020 approaches, we will enter into the most contentious election cycle of our lifetimes. No matter who is elected on Nov. 3rd, half of our country will be devastated on Nov. 4th. The Book of Daniel trains believers how to follow God in a land that does not and reminds us all that the Most High is sovereign over all the nations and rulers of men.

That’s where we are heading for 2020. I am praying through ending up the year and leading into 2021 by studying the Sermon on the Mount, but I can’t get the breakdown right just yet, so we will see.

Previous Series

We’ve been through a lot in the last 2.5 years. Here’s a list of where we have been so far.

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