Each Spiritual Journey Demands Specific Directions

The destination of discipleship is the same for every individual, but each spiritual journey demands specific directions.

Think of it like you would a Sunday morning. As people leave their homes to gather for worship, they all arrived at the same place yet traveled by different paths. Some took a left out of their driveways while others turned right. The commutes of some took less than ten minutes while others required more time. The church all gathered to the same location, but none of them shared the identical set of directions to get there.

If someone wanted to join you next week, you are unable to give instructions if you don’t know from where they are starting. It is impossible to provide directions to the destination until you identify the point of origin.

The same is true for our spiritual conditions. While all true Christians will end up in the same place one day, none of us are in the same position currently, and none of us require the same type of training. 

Our discipleship efforts in churches look more like sending people down a conveyor belt. Each one receiving the same treatment, yet none of us need the exact same things.

What if there is another way? What if you could create a plan as unique as the individual? What if instead of a generalized approach, you attempted a distinctive guide?

We cannot make many disciples until we have at least made one.

Particular people require distinctive discipleship.

Are you ready to begin?