The Target Audience for Distinctive Discipleship

I attempted to create a discipleship guide in 2018. Instead, God showed me a paradigm contained in Scripture.

I wanted to show my church how to use it in 2019. In addition, people outside our church asked if I could share the process.

I released a book, a Bible study workbook, and a bunch of free resources at the end of the year. I had no idea who would use it.

Who was the target audience? Anyone who wanted a guide to get started in the process of discipleship.

Whether it was pastors or parishioners. Moms or ministers. Those near or those far.

I just wanted to provide a guide for those who needed one. While you never know where all this goes, sometimes, I wonder why even bother with publishing material. I let skepticism creep in regarding if it could be usable by anyone.

And then, sometimes, God just reminds you. Use whatever opportunities you have, and watch him go to work.

This week, he has overwhelmed me with reminders.

  • A pastor commented on Amazon: A number of the books I’ve read, although helpful, left me thinking “Discipleship is commanded in Scripture, therefore we should be doing it,” but a majority of the books out there do not offer any practical advice on how to implement a plan. This is where I feel as though Distinctive Discipleship excels…I plan to use this book as a teaching tool in the church where I pastor and would encourage you, no matter your profession, to pick up a copy.
  • A college student: I was able to give one of the bookmarks to the person next to me in chapel and the way their face lit up means there’s still work to do.
  • A husband sharing about his wife’s plan: My wife is taking 3 girls through this : ) thanks again and again for your ministry!
  • Personnel in the army: I spoke with one of my Soldiers about developing a group of men sincerely dedicated to growing in Christ. More to follow on how that shapes up. Thanks for this resource. I see it impacting so many people.
  • A pastor preached through the content in a sermon series at his church: I wanted to share a story from Distinctive Discipleship. It has been a tremendous series for us, but the group time on Sunday night has been awesome. We are seeing new folks come each Sunday night, and the comment of the week was from a couple in their early 50’s. The husband told me Sunday night that he has never seen this side of his wife. She has always struggled to read the Bible and started in John and read the first 10 chapters last week and had questions for him when he got home each day. It’s neat to see people getting it. Thanks for sharing, it is truly life-changing. 
  • An inmate in prison: I received a copy of the book. I am now helping other inmates develop their own plans and I am helping keep them accountable. We hope to see it spread throughout the entire prison.

These encouraging notes were sent at the right time. When you begin to wonder if this extra stuff is even worth it, God has impeccable timing as usual.

This week, I had the opportunity to share this guide with young and old, mature and immature. I have seen college students, men in prison, people in rehab, young kids, senior adults, pastors, and parents develop their plans.

It’s not a perfect guide, but it’s connecting with the target audience – those who want to remove excuses and make disciples.

Maybe you are a part of that group. If so, I pray maybe it can help you.

I just want to do my part in the Great Commission. This guide is part of my attempt to run my leg of the race.

If you have missed out on what this movement is all about, here is a list of simple resources to get you started:

Particular people require distinctive discipleship.