Essential Reminders for Overwhelmed Believers

Life has a way of increasing our anxiety, but God’s faithfulness should embolden our capacity to trust him. If we genuinely comprehend who he is and what he has done, we can properly address any overwhelming circumstances.

Psalm 118:1-29

We fight the anxiety of what we don’t know with the validity of what we do know.

  1. God is merciful (118:1-4). God is always better to us than what we deserve.
  2. God is powerful (118:5-7). God is always stronger than anyone or anything out to get us.
  3. God is trustworthy (118:8-9). We will always be disappointed if we expect people to accomplish what only God can do.
  4. God is empowering (118:10-13). God’s tangible assistance never promotes passive immobility.
  5. God is magnificent (118:14-16). If we struggle with an affection for God, it is often because we have not kept our attention on God.
  6. God is intentional (118:17-18). The LORD preserves our lives by persevering our discipline.
  7. God is salvation (118:19-23). The only way we can experience salvation is if God opens the door.
  8. God is deserving (118:24-29). You cannot worry and worship at the same time.

God has made this day, but we must make our decision to rejoice in it.