12 Goals for Our Church in 2021

While 2020 has been challenging, God has worked in the midst of it all. We have seen our church grow in so many ways. I am thankful for the ability to keep moving forward in our assignment by Jesus to make disciples.

While we know there are uncertainties around 2021, we also know that our mandate hasn’t changed.

We are called to make disciples. Here are our 12 major objectives so that we can do that better in the coming year.

  1. Website Overhaul – With our desire to help people with supplemental resources, our website is getting a massive overhaul. We are prioritizing quality design, simple navigation, and expanded content.
  2. Worship Mentorship – With the growing number of services and potential campuses, we need to train up more leaders to lead, serve, and teach. We will focus on mentoring worship leaders to help more people meet with Jesus.
  3. Guest Connections – We prioritize quality first contacts and intentional followthrough, but we desire to revamp the way we connect with new people. We plan to create a thoroughly purposeful system to meet people where they are and connect them to the life of this church.
  4. Family Training – The family unit is under attack more than ever before, and we plan to address some needed issues directly. In the coming year, we will create unique training events to strengthen marriages and families.
  5. Discipleship Process – By utilizing the Distinctive Discipleship model, we plan to equip more people to make disciples in the coming year. We desire that all church members have a unique growth plan.
  6. Church Multiplication – As we seek to be a church that multiplies, we will simplify the process to evaluate and engage in future opportunities. We pray and hope to revitalize and replant additional churches this year.
  7. Partnership Evaluation – The needs are great in every mission field, but we want to ensure that every dollar, resource, and effort is best used. We will evaluate current partnerships and consider which new ones with which to engage.
  8. Care Coordination – Our church does a great job of caring for those who request help, but we know there are unexpressed needs out there. We plan on creating a way to make sure all needs within the church can be communicated and addressed through a unified and intentional approach.
  9. Resource Creation – We don’t want resources to substitute worship or groups, but we plan to supplement those environments with helpful resources on needed topics. Every month, we will be releasing new articles, videos, and training material to help our church in critical areas.
  10. Counseling Training – The counseling needs are increasing, and so we are praying for God to help us gather a counseling team. We will prepare a training process to equip more people to provide biblical counseling to those in need.
  11. Facility Resources – We do not have any major renovations on deck, but we want to use this year to ensure that all rooms have what is needed to lead effective gatherings. We will establish a plan to work through classrooms and meeting spaces to ensure all areas have a plan to be resourced with what is needed.
  12. Staff Development – With the church’s growth throughout 2020 and the reimagining of how to meet needs in 2021, we require a staff reorganization. This adjustment will add some administrative help to key areas and update responsibilities among existing staff to ensure all personnel can lead and serve in the best place for effective ministry within our local body.

I can’t wait to see what Jesus does in the year to come!