The New Offices Are Open

The new Rocky Creek offices are officially open!

We prayed about having a place where our entire staff could work in the same accessible location with flexible space for others to gather, and God has answered our prayers!

Our former office hallway was lovingly called “the dungeon” by church members. It was a basement that had struggled with flooding issues, and there was no access for anyone with mobility issues to visit the church staff. We would have to meet with people in the parking lot or another part of the building. A church member in a wheelchair called the other day and said, “I saw photos of the new office space. It looks amazing! I can’t believe I can actually come visit my church staff now during the week!” That was worth it all!

In addition, our staff was scattered all throughout the campus. As we grew, some of our new staff didn’t even have a designated workspace but would just operate from a corner of a table.

Check out this video below to see the renovation project.


In 2017, Rocky Creek set out on a 4-phase campus project to increase capacity and expand flexibility. Due to the faithfulness of God and the generosity of this church, the first 3 phases were funded within the first three months and finished in the following months.

In 2020, we set out to solidify a plan for Phase 4. This particular phase was all about accessibility. The original objectives in 2017 were to build a sizeable welcome center that would serve as the hub of all activity, create an unfinished shell for needed accessible staff offices, and provide an open corridor throughout the church. The estimated price tag was over 2 million dollars, and that was over three years ago. 

As we prayed, thought, and reviewed our objectives, we arrived at a wiser and more thorough plan regarding space and stewardship.

We believed it was wiser to spend much less (1/4 of the estimated costs), and by doing so, we would accomplish much more (actual space that could be used immediately). 

We proposed that instead of building a welcome center, we would tweak the existing space to add some functionality, but we would accomplish the rest of our objectives by relocating the hub of the weekday church gatherings to the north section of campus. By focusing on accessible offices, we would ensure that our staff could meet, gather, counsel, and disciple with more people than ever before. 

We were nearing the plan’s completion when COVID hit, and we obviously pressed pause. But over the next few months, the financial health of the church as a whole, as well as the generosity of members who gave to the building fund, put us within reach of doing the entire project during this year. The church voted to move forward, and people continued to give. The assembled building team watched over the project to undertake it as funds became available.

In the last few days, we have moved into the new space with only a few objectives of Phase 4 remaining to address.

Due to God’s faithfulness and your generosity, we believe this space is going to house some life-changing moments for many people in the years to come.

Behind these walls and upon these floors are verses of Scripture inscribed by our staff. Beyond the symbolic nature, we truly believe that God’s Word will go forth in these rooms throughout every day of the week and see numerous lives changed. We can’t wait to see what God does as we continue moving forward together!