5 Necessities for a Church Revitalization

We never want to see a church die, but are we willing to make the changes to see it live again?

Whenever a group undertakes a church revitalization, much is at stake. Much is required. As they pray, a reliance upon the discernment of the Holy Spirit is a given. Taking the leadership from Scripture is a non-negotiable.

Sure, we know the given things that are necessary, but here are 5 necessities that you might need to consider.

#1 – Unwavering Authority

We cannot allow traditions or trends to override truth.

Many churches are stuck in dead traditions and other churches are fixated on current trends. If either of those take our eyes off the priority of God’s Word, we are sunk.

#2 – Directional Clarity

Never hide how bad it is or how significant the changes need to be.

If a church is in need of a revitalization, that says something in of itself. Something will change. Something must change. Don’t hide the magnitude of what might need to change in the coming months.

#3 – Intentional Simplicity

To go further faster, we must steward to replicate what can be replicated.

One church doesn’t need to be all things. If you are revitalizing, it is important to scale back. If you have a partnering church, what can be replicated from that church so that you aren’t doing everything on your own?

#4 – Compassionate Sensitivity

We intentionally honor the past and build for the future.

Too many churches are built on the criticism of other churches. If you need to make some changes, say so, but say it in a way that honors those who loved the church and led it through great years. Appeal to that legacy so that it may continue for future generations.

#5 – Willing Sincerity

If the core team does not possess a genuine willingness to change, we are wasting everyone’s time.

Most people say they are willing to change until they figure out exactly what the change means. Be willing to adapt as long as it doesn’t compromise biblical integrity. Most of the times, the changes needed are preferential opinions and not scriptural truth.

If you want to see a church grow again, consider if these five things are observable in the congregation.