Lies Associated with Anxiety

After Elijah experienced God move mightily upon the mountaintop, his joy was short-lived due to following opposition. God’s instruction to Elijah during his depressed state provides direction for our own troubled souls.

Dealing with Emotions

  • Anyone can follow God during the revival, but only mature believers can follow Him during the routine.
  • Your emotions can be one of your greatest friends and yet one of your greatest enemies.
  • It is supremely important to learn how to grow from the spiritual highs without becoming dependent upon them.

Coming Down from the Mountain (1 Kings 19)

  • Don’t let fatigue, fear, faithlessness, or frustration distract you from God.
  • Despair often leads to a self-centered perspective.
  • My boast today can become my complaint tomorrow.
  • We need a revelation of God more than we need an answer from God.
  • When we only anticipate the fire from God’s hand, we often overlook the whisper from God’s mouth.
  • Sometimes, the only way to combat discouragement is to continue faithfulness.

4 Lies Associated with Anxiety

  • God’s response to Elijah helps us understand what we should do when anxious.
  • When discouraged, listen to God, finish the task, invest in another, and surround with support.
  • These four action items help combat lies associated with anxiety.
  1. God can’t help you.
    1. God continued to reach out to Elijah in his trials.
    2. God is near and able to help you work through any level of anxiety.
  2. You’re not who you used to be.
    1. Anxiety seeks to rob us of the notion that we can be of service.
    2. God still calls us to finish our God-given tasks.
  3. You can’t help anyone.
    1. Don’t neglect to share all the lessons you are learning with another.
    2. Our greatest contributions might come from our deepest struggles.
  4. You are all alone.
    1. One of Satan’s greatest lies is to tell you that you are all alone.
    2. Make sure that you are surrounding yourself with godly support.