Be Watchful

If anyone should have had the advantage to repeat successes and to reject failures, it was King Rehoboam, son of Solomon and grandson of David.  But instead of learning from those before him, he actually did worse than them because he fell into five common traps that many men fall in as well.

Lies Associated with Anxiety

After Elijah experienced God move mightily upon the mountaintop, his joy was short-lived due to following opposition. God’s instruction to Elijah during his depressed state provides direction for our own troubled souls.

The Changing of Majority

While the standard of morality within the United States continues to drift, Christians are left facing a different spiritual landscape. With the changing of the majority’s beliefs, we must adapt to ensure biblical faithfulness in rebellious times.

The Pressure of Popularity

With increasing pressure to fall into particular political camps, how are Christians supposed to navigate faithfully? We cannot give in to any cultural system, no matter how widely accepted, if it contradicts the truths of Scripture.

Political Pressure & the Consistent Christian

When a prophet was provoked by political pressure and a popular position, he resolved to stay faithful to God above anything else. In our lives, we must beware of adapting our beliefs to align with the culture.

Show Yourself a Man (So That Boys Will Know the Way)

David is known for many things in the Bible.

He was anointed as king at an early age. He killed Goliath as a young man when all the bravest soldiers in Israel were hiding. He made worship a big deal with God’s people.

He was a man after God’s own heart.

While he sinned greatly during his life, he knew the power of honest repentance and would find his way back to God. After a long life filled with ups and downs, David attempted to summarize his desire for his son, Solomon in some of his last words on earth.

Do you know what this man desired most for his son?