Processing Politics

Knowing that power corrupts on an individual level, we understand that political positions can wield an endangering level of corruption. As we process politics, we must keep them subservient to God’s rule and reign over our lives.

The Problem

  • Our culture is very divided on the issues and the solutions.
  • As the differences increase, so does our hostility towards others.
  • We must be aware of the tendency to adapt our beliefs to align with a particular section of culture.

The Perspective

1 Kings 22:1-18

Blind Acceptance

  • Prideful leaders surround themselves with religious-sounding people who provide spiritual platitudes devoid of biblical backing (22:1-12).
  • We must be aware of the tendency to adapt our eternal beliefs to align with the temporal culture.

Defiant Obedience

  • The consistent prophet refused to cater to those in authority by providing a pleasing message (22:13-18).
  • Micaiah resolved to stay faithful to God despite political pressure and a popular position.

Clear Authority

  • God’s throne supersedes every other throne, so His followers should never bow to a lesser one (22:19-28).
  • We should honor our authorities and surrender to God – not vice versa.

The Priority


  • Whenever a political allegiance overshadows a biblical mandate, we need to examine the real object of our faith.
  • Many believers have sacrificed their integrity on the altar of expediency.


  • Our culture has wrongfully polarized conviction and compassion against each other.
  • “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).
  • We have a significant problem in the Church if we stereotype compassion as heresy and conviction as bigotry.
  • The consistent Christian navigates life with unwavering conviction and undeniable compassion.


  • The Church is in danger of trying to save America rather than Americans.
  • We must begin to look at people as spiritual beings rather than political adversaries.
  • Christians must learn to speak with boldness and without crudeness. 
  • Work for noble changes in policy, but stay obedient to Scripture even if they don’t pass.


  • We have one political party espousing unbiblical beliefs and one party’s leader championing unbiblical behavior.
  • Some will vote for who they love, and others will vote against who they despise.
  • A vote can be seen as the lesser of two evils or an attempt to lessen evil.
  • Don’t gain the political world while forfeiting your spiritual soul.