10 Questions for Becoming a Helpful Spouse

Are you married? Are you almost married?

Regardless of your situation or how long you have been in it, all of us could make our marriages stronger than they currently are. Scripture teaches that marriage was intended to provide a “suitable helper” to walk beside us as we navigate life (Gen. 2:18).

How do actually accomplish that? Maybe these questions could get you started. Answer them independently and think about how you can change, or let you and your spouse answer them in isolation and then share the answers together. The insight will prove extremely valuable as you seek to strengthen your marriage.

10 Questions

  1. Does your spouse strengthen your relationship with God? How so?
  2. In what specific ways do you think you can help your spouse grow closer to God?
  3. What are three things of which you are confident that God put your spouse in this world to do (it could be related to a family, job, hobby, or ministry)?
  4. What are tangible ways that you can help your spouse accomplish each of those callings?
  5. What are three things of importance that you desire to improve in your own life?
  6. How can your spouse help you experience success in each of these areas?
  7. How can a couple help fight against personal or shared temptations?
  8. What two character traits of your spouse do you find the most helpful as you walk through life together?
  9. How do you think your spouse answered the above question about you?
  10. Do you know of something you say or do (or don’t say or don’t do) that consistently frustrates your spouse?