Dwell [Fuge 2021 – NGU Recap]

I am so amazed at by what Jesus did at North Greenville University for Fuge 2021. I had the privilege of serving as Camp Pastor from July 13-17, 2021 for a life-changing week.

To the students and leaders that came to camp, thank you for allowing me to share God’s Word with you. I would love to stay connected with you in some way. One conviction I have is that when God teaches me something, I want to teach it to someone else. It’s the way of discipleship. 

Whether that is over breakfast with my family, in a sermon to my church, in a book that I write, or through a post to whoever would engage. So, if you’d like to learn along with me, I’d love to connect over one of the following ways.

Social Media



Weekly Sermons from My Church

Weekly Podcast on Discipleship

Weekly Podcast from Course at Church

Email Newsletter

I promise not to overload your inbox, but if you want a weekly digest of new material posted on the blog, I will send you a simple summary on Fridays.

A typical week should provide 1 email that will include:

  • 1 sermon
  • 1 course
  • 1 podcast episode
  • 2 articles on either theology, ministry, or family

Bible Reading Plan

I pray that God’s Word changed your life while at camp. Guess what? You get to take that home with you. If you don’t have a plan to read, I would love to provide you some options.

I want to encourage you to read through at least one of the gospels.

We learned about Jesus all week. Pick one gospels and read one chapter every day until you are done, and then pick another book in the Bible to read. Here’s how to pick it:

  • Matthew â€“ Choose him if you love making connections of how Jesus fulfilled prophecies from the Old Testament.
  • Mark â€“ Choose him if you love action-packed movement following Jesus into action.
  • Luke â€“ Choose him if you are very investigative and like to know the details.
  • John â€“ Choose him if you like to think about deep theological truths.

Tell your youth pastor and one friend which one you are going to read, and keep them updated. They can also help you where to go after that.

If you want a little longer one that gives you 100 days in the Bible hitting the main passages, you can check this one out.

Sermon Notes

I have collected all the sermon notes from the week so you can go back and study the passages. Dig in deep!

Next Summer

  • June 13-17, 2022 – Ridgecrest
  • July 11-16, 2022 – North Greenville

Thanks for allowing me to serve you! I pray that camp serves as a catalyst more than just a monument. Let’s keep dwelling with Jesus!