Grand Errants

Many families experience conflict because of members failing to be what the surrounding generations need them to be at the right time. You can avoid painful conflict if you understand how God has wired all family roles to interact with one another.

  • Each of us will choose in our elder years to reflect on what was or to help build what could be.
  • None of us should ever retire from impacting the generations behind us.
  • Are you currently crafting the type of legacy that you want to leave for your family?

The Desire

  • Older generations obtain a sense of rewarding accomplishment through the quality of their descendants.
  • It is a natural desire to want to bless your family and to be blessed by your family at the end of your life (cf. Prov. 13:22).
  • While older generations obtain dignity from their grandchildren, their children long for the affirmation of their parents.

The Dilemma

  • If the intended interdependence within an ancestry is misaligned, all family dynamics will suffer.
  • Infatuation with your grandchildren should never cause you to neglect your ongoing role with your children.
  • Every child, regardless of age, desires to be intentionally affirmed by parents they wholeheartedly esteem.

The Diligence

  • Grandparents can escalate family drama by overstepping boundaries and overriding instructions.
  • Don’t enjoy the idea of being a grandparent more than you maintain the responsibility of being a parent.
  • You don’t have to demean how someone raises their kids by proving how you raised yours.
  • Grandparents – the wisest way to bless your grandchildren is by lovingly supporting their parents.
  • Parents – resolve to honor your parents while affirming your children.
  • Children – respect your grandparents and honor your parents while gleaning from all of their examples.
  • The grand errant family is one that fails one another in being the right thing at the right time.
  • One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is a life of integrity and a legacy of faithfulness.