Building a Godly Home

No one ever inherits a godly home, but it is built through the intentional application of biblical wisdom. If you want to experience your family transformed, make sure you know what to embrace and what to avoid.

  • The family that deserves our best often gets our worst.
  • Your family is the way it is because you either accept it or refuse to do anything about it.

Homebreakers (Prov. 24:1-2)

  • If you envy what wicked people have, you will justify doing what wicked people do (24:1).
  • Your values will be influenced by the people you spend time with the most (24:1).
  • Evaluate if your conversations with your closest friends help or hurt your family (24:2).

Homemakers (Prov. 24:3-7)

  • Building a home for a flourishing family takes biblical wisdom and patient progress (24:3).
  • You will build your family around the riches of the world or the riches of the Word (24:4).
  • Be strong enough and wise enough to do whatever your family needs (24:5).
  • If there is a battle for your home, stop cowering in defense and go to war with any threats (24:6).
  • You will struggle to lead your family if you neglect to seek godly counsel along the way (24:6).
  • Don’t shy away from sharing the benefits of doing family God’s way (24:7).

God offers forgiveness for broken homes and instructions to renovate what you have.