Your Phone’s in the Way of Your Bible

Your phone is in the way of your Bible. According to your screen time report, you actually do have time to read God’s Word.

We scroll endlessly with nothing of purpose to find.

We play games repeatedly that do not challenge our mind.

We binge watch entire seasons within a single week.

We consume any type of media possible to seek.

Screens illuminated and divided attention ensues.

People disregarded and relationships diffuse.

Enraptured by pixels, His glory we overlook.

Forgotten the awe, lesser lights we mistook.

If you can resist the urge to open it once more,

You might discover what you’re actually looking for.

A message from God sent to enlighten the soul,

Instead of one more haphazard hour to scroll.

You’ll miss your Bible as long as your phone’s in the way,

You’ll miss your God if these things keep your soul at bay.