When My Insecurities Increase

I don’t question God’s ability, but I really doubt my own. But in my self-doubting, I am subtly projecting doubt on God as well. If he made me and placed me, do I really believe that he can use me?

When my insecurities increase, what am I to do?

The prophet Jeremiah felt that way. Even though God reminded him that he formed him in the womb, that he consecrated him before his birth, and that he appointed him to a calling, Jeremiah was filled with doubts.

“Ah, Lord God! Behold, I do not know how to speak, for I am only a youth.”

Jeremiah 1:6

Jeremiah focused on what he couldn’t do more than what God could do.

He said he couldn’t speak (inadequate), he was too young (inexperience), and, throughout the rest of the book, he was unsure of the direction (indefinite).

So, if you had to pick one of those reasons for why you don’t believe God to use you, which one would rise to the top of the list (and no, you can’t say all the above).

Do you feel inadequate, inexperienced, or indefinite?


You don’t feel like you have all the skills required. That means you are comparing yourself to someone else or some other scenario. You are saying that God didn’t make you sufficient enough to that which he called you.


You wish you could have some more time. You want more reps in before you launch out. But that mentality always requires more after it reaches the previous goal. It is never enough. You will always want more experience and never actually get it because you retreat to the sidelines.


You are unclear regarding God’s direction? Are you unsure of how you fit into it? Most likely, you know the big picture but are lacking helpful details. God probably has given you enough for the next steps, but he hasn’t given you every turn along the way. Your GPS doesn’t either, because you need to focus on the next direction than the whole list.

So, which one characterizes your immobility most of all? Do you feel more inadequate, inexperienced, or indefinite?

Do you ever struggle with the insecurity that God could use you? Do you feel inadequate (lack of skill), inexperienced (lack of time), or indefinite (lack of direction)? Which one hinders you the most?

Regardless of which one it is, all of them have one problem – you are focusing on yourself more than you should. God didn’t look at Jeremiah and encourage him with all these wonderful traits he possessed. God didn’t say, “Now, Jeremiah, you are a special prophet. You are so talented, wise, and handsome. You will do great.” He didn’t say that at all. What did he say?

“I am with you.”

Jeremiah 1:8

It’s more important to know that God is capable more than I am capable. God doesn’t reassure us with a reminder of our abilities. That would be discourage me rather than encourage me.

You don’t feel ready? Good. Don’t attempt it on your strength. But if you believe that God made you, set you apart, and placed you at a certain place in a certain time for a certain purpose, get your eyes off yourself and behold the one who called you there.

I may be inadequate, but my God is not.

I may be inexperienced, but my God is not.

I may be indefinite, but my God is not.