The definition of the word means “to commission something again.” It is often used to describe a once removed person being reinstated to a post or a machine that lost functionality now being fully repaired and ready.

It is changing the course of something or possibly reestablishing the initial direction.

In desperate times throughout history, some marine vessels have been converted to serve different needs. Since the onset of COVID-19, Italy converted the Splendid cruise ship into a floating hospital to assist the growing patients in their country. Since being built in 1994, the vessel housed thousands of people who came to enjoy the luxurious amenities promised by this state of the art vacation spot. Once someone came on board, people were there at every corner to meet their desires.

It was quite a different feeling when 26 years later it was converted into a crisis environment meant to take in the sick and nurse them back to health. I imagine that much of the glam that once was must have been replaced with what needed to be.

It transitioned from a trip of a lifetime to a hope for a lifeline. 

That’s the prayer of my heart for our church during these days. I want us to make sure we are aligned with the purposes of Jesus. Instead of fixating on ensuring we experience church comforts, what if we focused on meeting genuine needs of those around us? For every Christian in our church to every congregation that we partner alongside, we want to recommission ourselves back to the original commission.

We are here to make disciples. Let’s stay in the current of what Jesus is doing.